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disappearing mail had fairfield residents taking action. what they did to try to lure the thieves on and how they got them on video. it's a critical economic report that could effect a race for the president. the new numbers on jobs that came out just 90 minutes ago. and we're live in richmond where walmart employees are planning a sit in. we'll tell you more about it
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coming up. also chp officers now patrolling the streets of oakland. the real test. that begins today. mornings on 2 begins right now. good morning. welcome to mornings on 2 i'm dave clark. >> and i'm tori campbell. it's friday, november 2nd. fair field police are searching for a man and a woman who were caught on tape stealing mail in a fairfield neighborhood. ktvu claudine wong joins us from the wood lake park neighborhood with more on what neighbors are doing to help police track down the suspects. claudine. >> reporter: well, a handful of residents inside this neighborhood here in fairfield this is wood lake neighborhood have become the victims of mail thieves. they didn't take this lying down. they got together and set up operation mail thief. i want to show you video from their surveillance canal as. what they did is put up the red
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flags on the mailbox to let people know they had mail inside. this is what they caught two people a man and woman driving top the mailboxes and taking out the mail. they said they were not happy with what they saw. >> they may not have come into our house, but they attacked a portion of our house. and we feel violated. >> reporter: they felt violated but now they are also empowered with this video. it's not clear enough to give them a license plate on that vehicle, but police are describing it as a newer model four-door gray nissan ultima or max ma. he is described as a white man light skin black woman. neighbors are talking. they are not going to rest until they stop this from happening. in the meantime police are asking everyone to be aware. the postal service is saying if you have mail to mail out, no longer put that in your
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mailbox. do not put that flag out. go to one of your blue boxes. if you are gone for any amount of time make sure you put a hold on your mail. live in fairfield i'm claudine wong. it's 7:02. the closely watched monthly jobs report for october was released 90 minutes ago. it shows employers added 171,000 jobs in october which was more than expected. but the unemployment rate rose to 7.9% up slightly from 7.8% in september. as more people started looking for work. coming up at 7:515 we'll have reaction -- 7:15 we'll have reactions from the campaigns. new poll suggests a race for the white house remains neck and neck. the washington post tracking poll shows 49% of likely voters across the country port president obama while 48% say they are voting for his republican challenger mitt romney. your time is 7:03.
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in overnight news a san francisco apartment fire could have been a lot worse according to neighbors. if one man would have not sumped into action. the fire started at 10:30 last night on balboa street in the richmond district. a man who lives in the building filmed this video. he talked to a neighbor who was fighting the flames with a fire extinguisher before the firefighters arrived. [ inaudible ] >> the firefighters are telling us at least one person has been displaced. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. a man in san jose is very lucky to be alive this morning. thanks to his dog who helped save him from his burning house. fire broke out on ivy creek circle about 9:00 last night. crews say the dog kept barking.
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woke up the man who then took three of his dogs and then ran out of the house. one of his dogs though did not get out and died in the fire. firefighters are still investigating the cause of the fire. happening now a group of walmart workers are demonstrating outside the store in richmond. they accused the retail giant of ignoring their complaints. ktvu brian flores is add the walmart on hill top road with why workers picked today to protest. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, tori. there is a couple things going on. walmart will have a remodel ceremony. the second thing you can see behind me there is a group of protestors out here. they are basically complaining that walmart is causing harassment racial discrimination and retaliation. the protest is planned all morning. we understand that walmart employees are even planning a sit-in as we speak. some of the employees were taken out by richmond police here. but there are signs that are
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calling for walmart to make changes. we spoke to a couple employees that were part of the remodel team that got the store ready for today's grand reopening. they say they are being unfairly treated. >> they told us if we work hard and do what we are supposed to do, we will be guaranteed a job here. but here we go. it's about to be four or five more holidays and ready to let us go. >> their has been here has worked hard. we have done our best. we have come here every day and have we have been treated unfair. >> many were sitting in front of the store as customers walked in. walmart security and richmond police it appears have told them to move to different parts of the store an out of the store as well. this isn't anything new. this group says they plan on protesting through the holiday season. just a few minutes ago it looks like walmart employees turned out the lights here. i don't know if that was a tactic or something.
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but this is definitely a fluid situation. we tried calling walmart. still no comment. live in richmond i'm brian flores. >> thank you. workers at the 17 bay area raley's super markets remain rob the job. they agreed to keep working as long as management and the union october contract talks. they say if no deal is reached by richmond tomorrow. time now 7:07. let's check traffic. how are we doing? >> i think we are doing okay dave and tori. i'm happy with this commute. we've had the normal slow downs but we haven't had a lot of incidents. which is good. this is interstate 80 westbound. traffic is moving along okay. there are no major problems. there have been problems on freeway onramps and off ramps. for the major prethe actually lanes hasn't been all that much
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going on. this mornings commute at the toll plaza 15-20 minutes. no major problems. we are looking at the south bay and checking out highway 101 which is the busiest from 286 to 880 interchange. highway 1 also okay through pacifica. now at 7:07 let's go to steve. thank you v much, sal. on this friday morning mostly clear. a lot of higher clouds. some patchy fog but not a lot. key we are looking for a pretty good warm none. maybe even record highs by the time we meet again. sun and clouds. very cold lows for some even on the coast. mild but mostly sunny. getting warm to very warm for this time of year over the weekend. next week monday, tuesday warm, thursday, friday turning rainy and told. we have a lot going on in the next five to seven days. we take a look at the higher clouds. they are really thinning out. it's just going to drag across
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the higher clouds. now with that clear skies. it's not wide spread or anything. it's a dry forecast. inesting south. 42 right now napa and santa rosa. we had lows near 60 a couple days ago. you get that drier air in here. a lot of upper 40s and very, low 50s. higher clouds moving in. but south of that it's mostly clear. system looked good. and now it's completely falling apart. but today and maybe early saturday some higher clouds. mostly sunny. partly sunny. clouds some sun. cold lows. a lot of 40s showing up. even on the coast. highs 60s. today is the transition day. 60s to very low 70s. but by sunday after you get that extra hour of sleep go out and enjoy the sunny and very
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warm record. >> thank you, steve. 7:09. now continuing our coverage of super storm sandy the death toll claimed to 98 in the u.s. this morning. 4.5million homes own businesses are still without power. and that is also deepening the ongoing gas crisis. the outages have forced many gas stations to close while also disrupting the flow of fuel from refineries to the stations that are open. and if drivers can find an open gas station, the wait can be two hours long. new jersey is trying to make sure sandy does not ruin next tuesday's election. military trucks will serve as polling places in flood ravage communities. the state is concerned many of the 3,000 polling places don't have electricity. the deadline to mail in ballot locations has been extepidded to the -- extended to the end of today. the bay area increasing its
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efforts to help. dozens left travis airport base. they are bringing much needed supplies and generators. more than three -- just 7:11. and almost missing out on millions of dollars. how the california lottery tracked down a jackpot winner as time was running out. the price of inactivity. how much it's costing to keep the nuclear plant open or shut down for nearly a year.
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mostly clear out there. higher clouds beginning to move in. chilly though. a lot of 40s showing up. even on the coast. beautiful sunrise and a beautiful warm weekend. we'll have more on that coming
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up. thank you. it is 7:13. any minute now president obama will be rallying voters in ohio. ktvu alison burns is in our washington, d.c. newsroom to explain if this mornings jobs report could impact the elections and the last few days of campaigning. alison. >> reporter: tori, the unemployment situation has not changed dramatically. so neither presidential candidate gets much new to talk about on the campaign today. let's take a look at the numbers. the labor department reports the economy added 171,000 jobs last month even though the government is continuing to shed jobs. the unemployment ticks up to 7.9% as more try to enter the work force. both candidates are putting their spin on the last jobs report. mitt romney campaign just sent us this statement that says the jobs report is a sad remind tear the economy is at a virtual standstill. democrats are touting the
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stronger than expected houring neurals -- hiring numbers we'll hear from president obama in the next few minutes during his first campaign stop of the day in ohio. romney campaigns next hour in wisconsin and heads to ohio as well. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns ktvu channel 2 news. it is 7:15. a new ktvu field poll shows a dramatic shift in how people in california say they will vote on proposition 34. the proposed repeal of the state death penalty. the poll shows a sudden surge in support for proposition 34 with 45% of likely voters saying they will vote yes and 38% saying they will vote no. 17% of voters are undecided. proposition 34 would eliminate the death penalty in california and replace it with life in prison without the possibility of parole. the 725 inmates currently on death row would be merged in with the general prison population.
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supporters of proposition 34 says keeping hundreds of inmates on death row costs the state millions of dollars every year in legal costs. they also point to the cases where people convicted of murder were later found to be innocent. opponents of proposition 34 call ate slap in the face for families of murder victims. many death row inmates are against getting rid of the death penalty. a group sent 220 surveys to inmates on death row at san quintin. they received about 50 replies back. only four inmates say they support prop 34. that is because they would lose access to some government paid legal aid. the inmates would still be entitled to repeal their convictions with state paid lawyers but they wouldn't be provided with attorneys to investigate their cases and come up with possible new evidence. >> hey, what are you doing right now? >> coming up how bay area
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students are trying to encourage other young people to take an interest in the upcoming elections. 7:16. new lawsuit claims a san mateo man is dead because pg&e was too slow when responding to turn off the power in a dangerous situation. officials say power lines fell on 55-year-old enrique's home. he walked outside after he heard an explosion and was electrocuted by the power lines. his family is now seeking unspecified damages. pg&e is calling his death a tragic accident. memorials are being planned for the two pilots killed in a contra costa county plane crash. a service for larry stobel be held a week today. the two men died when their experimental plane crashed shortly after takeoff.
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preliminary investigation said the aircraft went off course and started spinning before it hit the ground. two men trying to break into a home are still on the loose. it happened last saturday. police tell the times the owner scared off the suspects after he con the them with an accumhuman back. investigators say the same men may have tried to break into the same home before. the price tag has hit $317 million for the shut down of the power plant in southern california. that is according to eddison international. eddison says $96 million has been spent on repairs and inspections. $221million has been spent on
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replacement powers. now the operators don't know if the steam generators can ever be fixed. new study is claiming the long practice of sand mining in the san francisco bay may actually be hurting the city coast. for years sand has been removed from the bay to be used for construction. however, there is a new study that says this may be causing erosion. especially along the great highway. the permits for two sand mining companies are now being re- examined. a uc berkeley geoology student found this one in his backyard. another meteorite was found nearby. the first was found two weeks ago in novato pleasant valley neighborhood. the second was found two miles from there. a total of four have been found. today we will learn more about a palm dale woman who
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unknowingly had a multimillion dollar lottery ticket for months. time was running out to claim the $20 million jackpot. the rotary released this surveillance. the woman's daughter awe the saketure if a newspaper and showed it to her mother. addict from a may drawing was in the woman's car the entire time. the warm just never check z to see if that was a woman. time now 7:20. this novembers first weekend will be unseasonally warm. look outside our window at live pictures. think you don't need the exercise? think again. canadian researchers have another reason more people need to get out there and move. and good morning.
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a lot of slow traffic in san jose. this is hayden. that's elizabeth.
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and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight.
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canadian researchers say exercise is good for more than just your heart. they say overweight and sedden tear adults who started an exercise program also increased their brain function. one of the researchers say the new research shows 2.5 hours of moderate exercise a week can help people feel and think better. time now 7:23. students at san jose state university are pushing to get more young people to vote in tuesday's elections. last night they held this get out the vote event for determine graph graphic that is not interested in politics. student were standing outside trying to get others to come in. getting excited about voting. >> voting this year was very important to me. i was excited. i sent in my ballot and i'm
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excited for the whole election day. >> now the public policy institute of california says 1919% of people under the age o 25 are likely voters. that compares to 74% of those 65 and older. 7:23. students at uc berkeley will hold a rally against a controversial city measure on next tuesday's ballot. measure s would ban people from sitting on sidewalks in commercial areas from 7:00 in the morning until 10:00 at night. supporters argue it would clean up the streets but opponents say it would criminalize the homeless. today's rally begins at 1:00 at sprawl plaza. wasn't there something else going at cal? >> football game. could be a big traffic jam tori. this is a first friday football game i can ever remember. and you will see a lot of people going up there. the advice is to take transit to the game. you can take bart and they have shuttles to take you up to memorial stadium. livermore valley we'll start
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there. it hasn't been that bad for a first day in a long time. we have traffic that looks normal come into livermore. we had a couple bad days the last few on 580 getting into castro valley. this morning at the toll plaza it is backed up for about a 15- 20 minute delay before you get on to the bridge. i also want to mention that traffic on southbound 101 in marin county is getting busy. and we looked at 280 by the way. there are no accidents reported on 280. just a bunch of slow traffic. let's go to steve. >> thank you very much, sal. we have cold conditions for some. not bad for others. mostly clear but fog is really popping up. sonoma county airport and livermore. santa rosa is 42 with fog and a little puff of an east breeze overall a lot of the higher clouds are heading north expect for the north bay. i think we'll have mostly sunny skies here today. the recent rain this time of yore the nights are getting shorter. that tooly fog inland fog the valley fog popping up and the
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temperature and dew point come together. that is exactly what is happening. you also don't need any breeze. that is why everyone says calm. santa rosa did have a little east, northeast. they went from 42-45. i even saw 43 at half-moon bay. 46 outer sunset. higher clouds will clear out. clouds and then some sun. more clouds to the north. morning fog and no doubt about it colder lows. the nights will get longer and days shorter. a lot of 60s or very low 70s on the temps today. we turn those clocks back on sunday morning. that gives us another hour to go out and enjoy the sunshine in november. upper 70s or very low 80s possible. record highs on monday. election day looks good. thursday and friday a cold rain will drop in. time now 7:26. violent attack on a muni station agent. what a bicycle has to do with this case and surveillance
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video that may help catch the suspect. political fallout for a san francisco supervisor who voted to reinstate ross mirkarimi as sheriff. we are live in palo alto where people are lined up to buy apple's newest product. we'll show you what is happening in the store right now and what people are so hyped up about.
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7:29 firefighters were called to fight an apartment fire early this were mog. it started around 5:45 on woodland drive near highway 101 and spore state 580. there is no word on injuries and we are still waiting to hear about the cause of the fire. only on, two, there is some fall out this morning on the san francisco's decision to restate a sheriff. we are live with the ad. tara. >> reporter: well, this am cane ad is going the go--campaign ad is going to be out later today. it really lashes out for the person running for reelection. now this is a 60 second video
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and madison is the next door neighbor who lopez ran to saying that her husband had becaused her arm. now madison made that video. and the void nomade targets district five supervisorr for people keeping him in office. >> it was a really very encourage to go phone call. this is a woman ha really been through the ringer and courage for her to call and say i must break my silence, i must speak out, this is a still a very serious issue. >> now the video will come out on our news at noon.
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be sure to watch and we well be getting comment. life in san francisco. time now 7:31 san francisco police busy looking for a man on o bike who beat a muni station ageneral in downtown san francisco. now the police re-least third-degree video. the sus is spect a carrying his buying down to the platform where it is--his bike down to the platform. >> he was providing information to this customer that he could not bring his bike in. he was just doing his job and he was beaten that are. >> the station agent is out of hospital now but h has not been able to go back to work. muni hopes to video is going to lead to the capture of the
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suspect. 7:32 san francisco his are going to increase their presence after a recent increase of gauge violence. there have been four homicides there in the past two weeks. the city is also giving an extra $30,000 to a gang prevention program. and oakland police are getting some help from the california highway patrol. coming up we'll have more on the goal. berkeley police are no longer going be handing prisons over to federal authorities. the city council voted to not respond to federal request. suspects usually spend little time in bergly jails and are
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quickly moved to county facilities. time now 7:33 about 30 minutes from rite now, new ipad mini- goes on sale. we have a live report to tell us what is happening out there as we speak. >> reporter: dave, there has been a lot of activity here all morning long. people are cheering and clapping and having a meter because in the next half hour the doors here are going to open. now i want to take a look at the luanda has built here. we been here since early in the morning. at 3:00 a.m., there were about four people in line. at last count, i could bed about 35 people who are waiting in line. now people at the apple store
7:35 am
aryed very early th to make the ipad mini- out of their boxes. they spent the last few hours working on the tablet so they can better serve the customers. they have been waiting in line since 2 .a they have been here and many like coming because of the people see. some people cannot resist getting the smaller version. >> when you carry the full e pad around, it doesn't fit in your pockets. the mini-is going to be great and your hands are free to do what yo need to do rush well, . well, it is priced at $329 and the cellular version costs $459. that is it higher than the tablet competitors. so analysts are watch together see what type of reception it is
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going to get and how big the sales are going the be. now there have been much larger out here in the past. loyal apple fans are waiting to get in here again. the doors open at 8:00 a.m. reporting live ktv, channel 1 t news. all right, thank you. it is 7:36 well the last thing the escapes needs is another--the east coast needs is another storm. but this morning a nor'easter could hit around election day and it is not going come close super-san, winds with get high and bring rain and snow. damage from san cityday is now estimated at $50 billion. it is the second copingsliest
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storm. coming up we'll have a live report from new jersey. more aid from california is going to new york. a southern california ewetity company is spending about 7 70- --is sending about 70 trucks. two cargo planes filled with supplies left yesterday. now it might be six more weeks until the police get back a lob art report on a bonn frag. a three inch bone believed to belong to a missing girl was found in a well where ex- victims of the speed freak killerrs were said to be dumped. she was kidnapped 24 years ago,
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it is 7:37 now seeing what is happening on the roads. well, you know, we were just talking about the traffic and today it seems a little better than normal. it is not great but it is better than when it rain the. look at highway 24, the looking nice. the we had a bad commute here on 24, so right now between walnut creek and oakland, it is not a bad drive at owl. when you get to the bay bridge, plaza, there is some slow traffic. but if you look on the left, ramp coming down is not all that full. so we are hopeful that the commute is just going re-teen and not that heavy. getting into caster value, as we tempt down a little bit,
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northbound 101 is slow. and now to steve. thank you and a very, very happy friday. a beautiful sunrise and it is a very nice first weekend in november, in fact, maybe record warm. probably mondays more than sunday. the temperatures are going the be very warm for this timefuls year and then we are going go from one extreme to the other. cold lows but sunny and warmer. and then sunday, monday getting very, very want. and election day is looking good and then after that there are signs of a very cold pattern moving in here by thursday and friday. higher clouds, this system is really falling apart there. is a little by here in lake county, at the moore line, maybe some clouds. still some fog, though. and there is pockets of it
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around. by 9:00 it is going to start to lift a little bit. it can be cold. dry forecast throe today. a few clouds holding into saturday morning and then after that all systems go for warmer weather. you seat higher clouds up to clear lake, over to the marina, again, very, very thin right there. there is not a lot going on with the system. still it is holing together on the backside to the higher clouds are going to be in the forecast. more clouds in the north. some fog occupant there. so be careful. 60 right now, the days are getting very, very short and the neats much longer. --nights much longer. sunday, turn the chlorics back one hour. you are going to enjoy some records maybe on monday. it is 20 minutes new before
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8:00. charges have been charge today two former penn is that-charged to two former penn at a time officials because of the jerry sandusky trial. theravee--they are accused of covering up for jerry sandusky. peel legal papers were filed accusing a child sex abuse victim to helping with the adustbuster. chesty to go the district--she is suing the district and the first legal repones claims that she was careless and
7:42 am
responsible for the abuse. the phase z s are necessary at the--phrases are necessary at the start of a bygoing. the reports from libya that officials are denying. >> and strong reaction over the city of have the new york city marathon while the city is still recovering.
7:43 am
7:44 am
, well u.s. employ yearsed ad 171,000 joshes in october and hiring was stronger in august and september than first
7:45 am
thought. the number just adjusted. butt employment rates ticked up a little bit. and u.s. factory orders jumped to 4.8% in september but business investments remains weak. looking at the beg board, the dow is down along with the nasdaq. and coming up our washington dc news room is going to have reaction from president obama and mitt romney. all right, time now is 74:00 the latest now on the east coast super-storm sandy. jennifer is live in new jersey this morning. good morning, jennifer. >> reporter: hi there, good morning to you. well, the big problem here is the sand. the dune system gave out and
7:46 am
now sand is filling the streets. you think see the crews here, they are making some progress as they tackle the physical damage, there is an emotional toll, too. some homeowners are breaking down in tiers. >> i just spent $30,000 getting my home repaired. and it is all gone. >> 43 years i am in my home and then lost it. i can not take it. >> reporter: others say they now have nothing left and noplace to go. >> we have nothing. no credit cards. $15 in my pocket. nowhere to go, no food, no gas. >> reporter: in new york. bodies of two boys have been found. rushing waters swept them away from their mother. >> i would be devastated. i would die.
7:47 am
i would want to be dead with them. i can not believe this is happening. >> reporter: the widespread destruction is a sight that many are still struggling to come to terms with. >> you see it on tv and you say pace paste too them. and now we are praying for us. >> reporter: you know cleaning up messes like is this really hard. it is not just about pushing the sand and making the mounds. they cannot put it back on the beach because it is contaminated. so right now they are picking it and carting its down to the opened of the street. , what was a parking lot. they are likely going to sift through it. back to you. >> jennifer davis, a great
7:48 am
storely. 7:47, some normers really angry at mike bloomberg because the new york marathon is going to go on. he says that the city has to move forward and that pouter should be back onto many parts of the city this weekend. it is going to bring ant $340 million to new york. oakland police now have extra help to keep people safe. and it comes at an important time. >> reporter: yesers starting last night california highway patrol officerrers are going to hem out. about a dozen officers started patrolling last night. the crime usually spikes wednesday through sunday. they can play an important about specific roll to help get criminals off the street.
7:49 am
>> our goals to improve public safety through contact individuals who may have outstanding warrants. >> oh, we really need it. ha is it the best that i think--that is the best thing that ever happens. >> reporter: people are greatful for any extra hell 7ful just 20 minutes into operation last night. a chp officer pull over a driver with a suspended silence. now governor brown ordered the patrols after community leaders asked for helpful they are not saying how--help. they are not sawing how long the help is going to be here. a woman found stabbed to death adjust resent limod to the area. police say the woman is a
7:50 am
24-year-old woman. and say she may have been homeless. a jogger found her body yesterday morning. there were no signs of sexual assault amend no arrests have been made. a tourist made a terrible discovery when he spotted a body that was washed ashore. the tourist was looking out the window when he saw the body and called for help. the man is believed to be in his mid-30s. there are no signs of trauma. they are going to see who he is and how he died. new information about the september 11 attack in libya,s cia deniesing reports that they delayed rescue efforts. fox news reported that security teams were told to stay where they were 6789 but officials say that they never happened.
7:51 am
that attack by a group of al-quaida killed four americans. it is 10 minutes before 8:00. the oakland raiders are going to go for their third straight win. how the nfl is going the get the fans to watch the game. >> why fishes in berkeley want you to avoid driving near the uc campus.
7:52 am
7:53 am
it is 7:53 the oakland raiders are hoping to sell more tickets to prevent a television plaque out this sunday. this is the seconds strait home game that they have needed the ex-tex. if the game is a sell out you are going to see it require here at 1:00 on sunday. traffic is beginning the be really heavy night near uc
7:54 am
berkeley because of the bears first ever friday night football game. they are going host the university of washington at 6:00 tonight. now several streets are going to be closed. so if you are going to downtown berkeley or to the game. take public transportation. there is also going to be a shuttle service. and sal joins us now to let us know how things are moving. well, we have some breaking news, there is a muni metro shut down. someone tunnel there and they have held all of the trains at stations and this is confirmed fatality there at the tracks. and we also got a report from someone who told us that the rains with being held at the
7:55 am
west portal station. if you take moment row downtown maybe take the surface lines instead or a friend who give you a ride. because muni is not moving right now. all right, now to the bay bridge toll plaza, it is lighter than usually here. westbound is looking very nice. and northbound 280 is looking nice. 7:55 and now to steve. thank, sal. well, mostly sunny and we do find some higher clouds in the north and some patches of fog, not a lot. but some of the higher clouds from a system that is really just falling apart and it is going to be with us today and maybe early saturday. so fog, much cooler lows. sun and clouds mild temperatures, you can see the higher clouds with that system which is really moving not. but 40s and 50s this
7:56 am
morning. the temperatures dropped a good ten, 12 degrees compared to a couple daysing a. it is going be a diapason shine, more clouds to the not. but tonight look for clearing and then some fog and then sunshine and warmer weather. 60sed to and 70s. can--today and 70s. set your clocks babble one hour on saturday night. --back one hour on saturday night. in just minutes, the ipad minis go on sale. we are there live. the doors are just about to hope. pa what is different ashton today east launch whether when mail started to disappear from this neighborhood laps week, the neighbors took a. thousand they got the thieves back. >> and we are live here in
7:57 am
richmond where a handful of wal-mart employees are holding a sit in.
7:58 am
happening right now, doors are just opening at the tap
7:59 am
apple store, the new ipad mini-is going on sale. we talked to a man who said he was there at 2:00 a.m. this morning to second be one of the first upside. but the crowd was pretty small. we are there live at the apple store. we are going to check in with her at 8:34, oh, what i want a minute, they are coming to the door. they are clapping their hands. and she is going there and she is going to talk act turn out therefore for the debut but it is just a couple of moments away. yes, we are taking you there live. they are getting ready to unlock the door. the employees there are getting ready to get into position. the crowds are not as big as they usually are. but there is a by the of a line there. >> well, they tried to sweeten the pot, they have free coffee to try the get people to show
8:00 am
up. but they are diligent people. >> they are getting all excited. they are checking the doors, still locked right now but the man outside is trying to wait patiently to get inside. again n is life. the apple store as they are getting the employees there in their shirts rallied up and getting ready to sell some of the products. and one man has been there since 2:00 a.m. >> they do make it quite a show. >> yes, they do. and that is why they are trying to stay on the shot to show you the moment when the doors open. it is about 20 seconds after 8:00 and they are running a little behind schedule. >> i thought i saw somebody going to the door to open it. >> with a key in place. >> you need to have one more
8:01 am
cheer to get them all psyched up. some people have been saying this has a few problems and also a little more expensive than people would have liked but they are hoping it is going to help apple stock which has take and bit of a dip lately. all right, we are looking at two passes there and once again,s just about to open the door. >> and they are going inside. >> and let this person many,s very first shopper there. all right, well we took you there live at 8:01 live. i am tori campbell. >> and i am david clark. the time is 801. breaking news, this is from san francisco, someone has been hit and killed on the under
8:02 am
ground muni track. there is a lot going on. >> reporter: well, one person is dead on the tracks and it happened here at the montgomery station. you can see we are market street and there are a lot of vehicles backed up trickeryuating quite' seen--up creating quite a scene here. we are not sure how the person got out there. if they had run out if they were dragged. one person was found underneath a train. it happened around 7:30 a.m. this morning. muni has come to a standstill and traffic on market has been impacted. we are hoping, we just arrived maybe two pin minutes. so d--two minutes. ago we are going to try to talk to them. but you can see that traffic here is a little tricky because the vehicles are here taking up the whole lane. but at least one person is dead on the tracks here at the
8:03 am
montgomery station. so if you need to use muni this morning, you are going want to rethink your plans. all right, time now is 8:02 a developing story of stolen mail in fair field. we are there live from the woodland park neighborhood. >> reporter: yes, late last week mail started to disappear. instead oaf just stet get lings up--instead of getting upset they put up the flags to let the thieves though there was mail in it and then they made sure the cameras were rolling. we can see the thieves coming back to the mailboxes and taking
8:04 am
the mail out. a man and a women have driven by the homes. neighbor want it to stop. >> they are looking for a quick cash, cash and birthday cards, gift cards, starbucks cards, those types of things that we are gong to send out. >> reporter: so now they have put the video out in hopes of capturing this man and woman. police are washing people to just not put mail if your mailbox. out the blue bins and--use the blue bins and just put a stop on your mail in you are not going to be home. thank you. 8:04 the jobs report was just re-leasted morning--released this morning. 171,000 jobs were added in october which was more than
8:05 am
expected. and the numbers for august and september are up as well. but the un-ment isolate rate rose as more people started to look for work. and coming up the 85:00 we are just getting reaction coming from in president obama and also mitt romney. president obama is campaigning in the battleground at a time of ohio today. after this he is going to go to more events in ohio today. and mitt romney is is is starting this horning in another key state, wisconsin, and this is a life picture of west allis, wisconsin where romney is going speak. after this he is going to go to ohio where tonight he and paul ryan are going to be joined by their high profile supporters for a large rally: the time is
8:06 am
8:05 happening-- all right, it is 8:05 and wall mat employees are protesting. >> reporter: yes, they have been here since about 5:30 this morning. now a couple of thins going on here, this dc-things going hon here. they are calling for wal-mart to change poll sis. but the employees are taking an and against wal-mart. there are about six toiseach wall mat employ eyes who--wal-mart employees who took part in a sit in. now we spoke with a cupful people who took part in the sit in and they say they are being unfairly streeted. >> if we work hardware going
8:07 am
get a job here and through the christmas at least. but it is about to be holidays and they are going to let us go. >> bev worked hard, we have come here an every day and treat the very unfairly. >> reporter: now we just got a response from wal-mart, they say in part, in terms of the allegations, there, they they take them very seriously, and if it has happened, they want to know about it. as for the protest they say it is unfortunate that they are trying to disrupt the business and they belief it is a legal trespass. they are going to keep protesting through the holiday season. bryan. meantime, union workers are going to stay on the job until
8:08 am
tomorrow. they are going to keep meeting with a federal mediator. by midnight tomorrow the workers are going to strike. all right, 8:07 we'll stay on top of that story. and here is sal. 24, there is an accident outs there, but look at picture, it is just after this, so the traffic seem like and unfortunately i don't think we can tilt the camera down but there a crash right there. oh, can we? all right, yes, we can. it is right there on the shoulder there. wow, i didn't realize this camera could move. thank you. there it is only the shoulder, the crash was in the lanes and a people fold us about it. traffic is slow and it is slow
8:09 am
on 680. you can see the firefighters and the police there as will it is slowing everybody down. and now let's take take a look at the westbound lay bridge, it is light. and the freeway, slow traffic going south, there is crash at 280. after that the traffic does pick up. northbound 101 to 280 is low. a very happy friday. a lit boiloff fog. it is thick around nap pa, a little breeze has picked up. a lot of high clouds but there is lot going on between now and say next friday. now as the higher clouds today, a little chilly on the lows, cold lows and then filed to sunny and getting warm on the
8:10 am
weekend. sunday, monday, tuesday, record highs maybe on monday. and then the end of next week we are going get a cold rain. if up to the knot you are not going to have to it were-north you are not going to have to look at rain. the fog is going lift off by 9 am. a dry forecast for today and in the weekends. we are right at 50, we have had colder lows this morning. some places were at 42 and some fog out there. the system looked goods buzz we are at the taillie end of it. but it is going to give us some higher clouds. but you can where the rain line is. it is going to stay to the north and it is light. and then saturday morning some higher clouds. and ten after that that is
8:11 am
going to do it, high pressure is going to come in. highs today is this in 60s and then low 70s. we are going to start to warm up and then high pressure comes in on saturday in a big way. turn the clocks back one hour and then get out and enjoy the warm weather. warm on mound an election day is looking good. okay, steve. if you own a boat, thieves have been stealing boats. the equipment they seem to be doing after. >> plus complaints about wednesday's big giants victory parade. the smell that some people made them sick.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
continuing update on the breaking news in san fan, a train accident at month romeroi station this morning. --montgomery station this morning. the trains, the puny trains are running down to fowl street station and then they are turning back around. so you are going to be delayed. if you want to pop up and take a motor coach, you can the and bart is honoring tickets. again, this is for an investigation-over at pay toll
8:15 am
train accident. stay with ktv, more coming soon. the new jobs report, the one that came out just hours ago, it is going to dominate the debate on the campaign trail. al son has more about the latest picture. >> reporter: no big change in the unemployment safuations mean this is not--situate means that is not going be a big game changer. job growth is picking up some steam. 171,000 jobed ad last monthens even though government hiring is down. the un-ment employment rate is up to 7.9%. now, the romney campaign said the johns report is a sad
8:16 am
remainder that we are at&t standstill--that we are at&t standstill. and here is president bahama. he started with the positive. >> this were morn--this morning we learned that companies added more jobs in october. >> reporter: both president obama and mitt romney are campaigning in ohio today. a new washington post poll is suggesting that the race for the white house is still neck in neck. 49% of likely voters nationwide support president obama. 48% say they are voting for theman challenger, mitt romney. and election workers say if-off a vote by mail ballot, you need to take it in by hand or any polling place on election day. that is because for votes to
8:17 am
count they have to be received by 8:00 p.m. on tuesday. a postcard showing it was mailed before tuesday is not good enough. it is 8:16 boat owners are being warned to look occupant for activity after a--look out for activity after a series of boat thefts. six boths were stolen last month. here is a picture of a boat the thieves took last sunday. to boats have been recovered but the engines are missing. the time now is 8:17 a new lawsuit is lameclaiming that is man--is claiming that a man a dead bauds [ indiscernible ] was too slow to respond to turn off the power. power lines fell down on to the house of a 55-year-old man back
8:18 am
in april. he walked outside and-elect cuted. his family now wants damage. pg and e is calling his death an accident. memorials are being planned for the two pilots who died last month. a service is going to be held a week from today. david is going to be honored at a private airport later this month. both men died when their plane crash the shortly after taking off. an investigation found the plane suddenly went off course. it is 8:18, huff is no longer a san francisco giant. they bought him out for $2 million. he was a big part of 2010 team
8:19 am
that won but his production declined after that. starting tomorrow free agents can sign with other teams. the 2010 world series champions are going to have to be careful to keep their brand strong off the field. sport marketers tell the san francisco business time that is the giants need to keep season ticketholderrers happy and they need to remain humble to get new sponsors: some people who went to the parade on wednesday complained about the strong smell of marijuana during the celebration. it can be smelled along the rout. pipes and joints were always visible. ed lee said he did not notice
8:20 am
the smell. the man who created tar wars is not going to keep all of the billions of dollars he just made from selling lucas film to disney. a lot of money is going to go to charity. but he is not saying which group is going to get it. well starbucks is ex-expanding again. the coffee giant reported they have rev new jumped 11% not--reported revenue jumped 14%. they are going to adds more stores in the coming months. the ceo says he expects to have 20,000 stores by the end of 2014.
8:21 am
well home depot is going to take your old strings ofchristmas lights. in you trade them in you are going get new lights. >> and you need to change them all. all right, it is more than 130 years old. how the first reportable and playable sound was saved. >> the rain has moved out. clear skies ahead. steve is come back, which parts of the area are going to be warm. >> good morning, a little bit of a traffic jam here on 80 westbound. i'll tell you what is going on here coming up.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
time now is 84:00 the very late--is 8:24 right 4.5 million hopes and businesses still have now power which makes this worse. a gasoline crisis. out annals have forced a lot of gas stations to shut down. 60% in new jersey are closed. the outages also messing up the flow of fuel from the
8:25 am
refineries to gas stations. so if a diver can find a gas station, they are going to find you have find long lines. new jersey is trying to maybe sure that next tuesday's election day is not ruined. military truck are going to serve at polling place. the they are worried that the polling places are not going to have to you power. --going to have power: it is 8:25 researches have restore the the earliest sound recorded. >> all right, it is not great sounds but that was recorded in 1878 through a phone know
8:26 am
graph. sound waves were perked from the air into is a diaphragm. they had to pressor the sound with a micro cope. >> that is great. time now is 7:26 sal, you shall watching the maize: >> yes, there is a little bit of a traffic jam westbound coming out to the mains there. looks like a stalled vehicle there. but the toll plaza is light. it is a little bibite slow here at maze. also-can a little bit slow at the maze. also there was a crash on westbound 4, right near the barge station, just before it here and the traffic is backing up from walnut creek onto 685. had a slow crawl there this morning. also this morning we are looking at the south bay.
8:27 am
if you are driving on 101 you are going to be happy to know it is improving a little bit. northbound 280 is slow and then on the peninsula, it is slow. and now to steve. well, mostly clear, we have some higher clouds up there but generally a lot of sun, more clouds in the north but this is just a weak system. very, very cool this morning, though. loft 40s but--a lot of 40s, again, the days are shorter and it is hard to rebound. sue the clouds hoop here to clear lake: that is be the clouds are are going to--the clouds are going to drag across. some fog this morning, 60s to very low 70s on the highs today. we are going have a warm up for the first weekend in november 6789 higher clouds on saturday and then all systems go for sunshine for this time of the year.
8:28 am
sunday, mono-you have monday, tuesday, warm and then cold rain the end of next week. there is a new dellville piments--development in san francisco, a new ad hitting the internet today. >> reporter: we are live in san francisco where one person has been killed on the muni tracks. how it is affecting transit. >> reporter: and we are live where the doors just opened to the apple store. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight.
8:29 am
thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight.
8:30 am
8:31 am
breaking news in san francisco. major delays right now on muni. a man was hit and killed on the track. sarah is there outside the montgomery station. >> reporter: well the service has come a to stop up here because a person has been found dead on the tracks. now this happened about and hour ago. and we understand that the victim was found several hundred feet into the tunnel. we can see the conductor being consoled. knower not sure how the person got out--now, we are not sure how the person got out to the tracks. we were hearing that a person was found you were a train. muni has come a standstill.
8:32 am
bart is helping out u you can jump on there or catch a bus, or walk. police and fire are hope but hopefully the tracks are going ore open here seen. once they get the body off the tracks they are going to reopen muni. time now 8:32 well on only to two, ktvu as learned a new ad is going to hit the internet that targets the san francisco super-visor. now it featured madison. he is the next door neighbor who told the police about the new year's eve fite. now in the new ad voters are being asked to oppose this man.
8:33 am
this morning we talked to a member of the advocacy support group. >> the video is about her conviction that it is not okay to have a domestic violence, you know, purpose traitor as the sheriff. >> now four supervisors voted to re-instate the sheriff. the ad comes out later today. we'll have more about this and the news at noon. it is 8:33 an overnight, a san francisco apartment fire could've been a lot worse, neighbors say if one man had not jumped into action. ful fire started around 10:30 last night. a neighbor helped put out
8:34 am
flames. one person was displaced. a man is is lucky to be alive thanks to his dog who helped save him from his burning hope. the fire happened just before 9:00 last night. the dog kept barking waking up the man. one of the dogs was not able to get out. happening now, apple stores now open and they are not selling the new ipad but the crowds of buyer seem smallerful we are there where the doors opened about 40 minuting a. >> reporter: well, it is just very busy out here. just sea of blue t-shirts. everybody is that leaving the store is getting applauded and congratulated. it is just buzzing with
8:35 am
activity with people buying the mini-and the accessories for it. this is video of what it look like when the tars opened. everybody clapped and cheered. ability 100 customers helped them by--about 100 customers were here. 1078 were waiting at 2:00 this morning to be the first to get this. >> i only waited for about two and a half hours and i did not do any research. i just came out this morning. i am so pleased. it is so cute and very thin. i like it. >> reporter: analysts are watching to see what type of reception and how big the sales
8:36 am
will be. that is because it is prized higher than other tablets made by amazon and google. you know, we have seen mum larger crowds in the past and it was shawler lines, shorter lines here today. but they are still again, a lot of excitement surrounding this product. apple has extra staff working today to handle the crowds. they have not told us how many they have in stock. so if you want to get one, you need o come down to the store. we are being told by apple that only people who are buying the ipads are being allowed in the store at this time. few 8:36 a rather unusual theft
8:37 am
in pal low alto. police are looking for shop litters who stole $11,000 wort of draws from a victorias secret store. 180 baas were stolen. the garnets were taken from the drawers below the display cases. the store was packed that day: . a track down in walnut--a crack down on a party in walnut creek has caused more arrests. more than a half million new yorkers have no power right
8:38 am
now. this is new video. fema official and secretary of homeland security are going take a tour today. now a man point add gun at a driver who put in front of him at a line in at gag station. the temperatures are always supposed to drop this weekend which is worrying people because a lot of are relying on fuel powered generators to keep on the lite lights and the heat. two boys have been found after they were swept out of their mothers arms. she lost hold of her 2-year-old
8:39 am
and 4-year-old son. >> that is a terrible story. i can not think about how the patients feel today. >> s mother scorifiered by clinging to--the mother survived by clinging to a post. storm battered areas are struggling to re-coffer. there are long lining for food and water. coming up, a live report on supply shortages and the clean up facing storm victims. but they are still going to be holing the new york marathon on sunday. we have major commute problems, sal is here to talk about what is going on. yes, there was a fatal accident here if muni. athrane hit a person at the
8:40 am
montgomery station. the medical examiner is there on the scene. the metro service has been stopped. we were looking at live pictures from news chopper 2, showing us the area at west portal station where they are picking people up and sending them out. they have blocked the street there. these are live pictures of the area from news chopper 2, you can see the police officerrers are there and people are--officers are there and people areing on buses. muni has stopped trains going in and out of tunnel. bart is honoring tickets from muni passengers to help people get downtown. the bay bridge toll plaza is looking good. on the pa peninsula, we are looking all right, and now to steve.
8:41 am
all right, thank you. some low clouds around. ly sunn we are going from the system, we had at rain into a very warm sunday, monday, tuesday the system that is moving into the not does not have a lot, it is still holing together a little--holding together a little bit. but will is not much the it is moving away from the energy source and high pressure is building. areas of dense fog form, now today was not too bad. maybe again late tonight, tomorrow, visibility can be bad. but owe needler skies and calm conditions. the high clouds are going to increase. a little breeze did up. it was calm about and hour and a half ago. any breeze is going help with the fog. 40s this morning, it was
8:42 am
cooler around we were near 60 about 48 hoursing a. higher clouds are working than way to the north and i think that farther north, more clouds. and we have to deal with this today and into early saturday. we are going rebound from the temperatures. high pressure is going to be building in by sunday and monday. today, 60s and 70s and at is going to be good. and then really warm, sunday, monday, tuesday. and then a cold rain by the i wanted of the next week--by the end of next week. thieves target a neighborhood, but the residents
8:43 am
fight back. new re action this morning. that when--reaction. that is when we come back.
8:44 am
8:45 am
well markets started the day well but have since turn slightly negative because of
8:46 am
ongoing concerns about the economy. the dow is down along with the nasdaq. it is 8:45. now, people living along the new jersey store are trying to rebuild but they face a lot of problems including no power, no food, and no gas. jennifer davis is lye where homers are--is live where homeowners are deal being sand and dirt. >> reporter: that hum you hear is a hum of progress. the sand became came in and filled up the streets, about 18 inches but we have mounds that three feet, five feet as the crews do their best to try and clear it all. it is a huge under taking and it is not just about the physical damage but the emotional toll.
8:47 am
well work crews are here in some airs yeah, supply lines are growing longer for gas and food. people are starting to wonder if they have been forgotten. >> we see the other areas are being taken care of. now have a couple days later, we are finally getting some resources and they have not come from the city. they have come from different organization together. >> not no water, the food we had to throw out. so this is very needed right now. >> reporter: in parts of new york and new jersey long lines are at the gas stations. there have been reports of flair ups. >> it is terrible. police have block the every street off.
8:48 am
>> all right, once again, you are looking lye at pictures from the shore of new jersey where they are having to deal with getting rid of the sand that has com in. and they can in the just put the and back on the beach--put the sand back on the batch because it has contaminated. and now some other top stories. we have a major commute problem in san francisco. muni service is shut down after a man was hit and killed on the tracks at the montgomery station. now they have shuttles called in to help. but if-off muni ticket you can ride bart for tree. a group of wal-mart workers are protesting in richmondful .
8:49 am
they are say tag wal-mart has ignored complainted. wal-mart says the complainted are taken seriously but they are disappointed in the employees. the store in richmond isholding a grand reopening. and police in fair field are looking for a man and woman accused of stealing mail. we have a live reporter there with more on video that neighbors gave to the police. which do you know? >> reporter: well, one of the ways that police with say that mail thieves target the victims is they look for the flag. they know someone has mail to be picked up. well, the neighbors de-saided throw the little flags up to get the thieves back into the neighborhood. and i worked.
8:50 am
here is some video that guy when they did the sting that called operation mail thief. you see a man and a woman drive up, make the mail and then dry away. they have put that video on the internet and they say they are doing it to stop it. >> they did not come into our house but we have attack tacked a part of our--attacked a part of our house. >> well, we have been talking to neighbors out here this morning. this little operation was a brain child of the neighborhood watch group. there are some other neighbors who didn't know what was going on. >> very surprised especially here. >> i put the mailbox in the mailbox so now i am going to drop it off. >> reporter: back here out here this morning that is the exactly what under do, drop the
8:51 am
outgoing mail nit big boxes. if--in the big blue boxes. if you have mail to put in the mailbox or you are going be gone, hotpot mail hold on it. the search is on the two people. they were driving an at the ma or max ma. so the search is on for them. a spill is larger than first thought. the spill was first reportedtize evening along wood side drive and was short reported later that night. new estimates say about 88,000-gallons spilled. the cause of the spill is still under investigation. the agency is working with the county and the town to
8:52 am
determine how much sewage entered storm drains. there is a big shift on prop 34. now there is a sudden rise in support for prop 34. 40% of likely voters are going the vote let yet. p.m.% say they are going to vote no. 17 remain undecided. it is going to get rid of death penalty in california and replace it with life in prison. the 725 inmates right now on death row would be going in with the rest of the inmates. critics call it a slap in the face. >> well many inmates are against getting rid of the death p.m. a group sent 220 surveys to
8:53 am
death row i can mates and got about 50 back: only four inmates say support proposition 34, that is because they would lose access to some government paid legal aid. the inmates would still be able to appeal their convictions but not be provided with attorneys to investigate their cases. if you are near dublin today, you can hear some explosions. they are most like will to be heard between 10:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m.--between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. sal is going to come back, one mar check of the muni accident. we'll be right back.
8:54 am
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8:56 am
let's go to sal. we commute problems, incolliding muni. yes, it has been suspended to the downtown stations because of a fatal accident. news chopper 2 is over the west portal stations. the buses are going take you
8:57 am
downtown but you cannot take a train. we see some trains coming occupy another tunnel but not--coming out of the tunnel but not going in. if using muni, you are going the be waiting in line for a little built for a shuttle us to take could be down down. all right, let's look at theway bridge, it is moving along nice. and the 101 is looking good. now at 8:57 hello, steve, hello, sal. well, we have mostly clear skies and some partly cloudies to the knot. it is going the be sunny and nice. higher clouds are going to take us into saturday morning. we are going have record high temps on monday maybe. >> but then next thursday, friday a very cold rainy
8:58 am
system. all right, saturday night we have to change the clocks. >> yes, turn that clock back. >> well, that is our report for this morning. thank you trusting us. we'll see you the next time news breaks. we are always here for you --thanks for watching. every time someone chooses finish over cascade,
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